Data Entry Software Cuts Costs for Healthcare Business

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Data Entry Software Cuts Costs for Healthcare Business
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Data Entry Software for Faster Healthcare Data Management

Capital Coders is an impressive example where data entry software development provides superior outcomes in productivity when compared to out-of-the-box software programs. How can this help your business? 

Allow me to provide some context. Capital Coders is a private company who is contracted by medical service companies to receive and organize patient data. Patient data is sent to them in what’s called a “chase list”. These chase lists are loads of data needing to be sorted. The main purpose is organizing this data to finally send back for uses in patient records and patient billing. What makes Capital Coders stand out is that they’ve created ways to quickly and accurately sort and process data entry for their clients.

When the client first contacted us, they had already attempted to improve their import/export data systems along with the user management system. Even with their success, through data collection of their own, they found a lot of time was being spent in certain sections of their workflow and was costing unnecessary delays.

Their goals were to increase the speed of medical coders and reduce areas of friction within their business process. Through our planning phase, we mapped-out new data entry software to import chart files, and completely revamp the user dashboards for Medical Coders, Auditors and Super Admins inside the company.

To better understand what they do, we need to understand how a Chase List containing patient data passes through different stages of their workflow in order to process it efficiently through new data entry software:

1. A chase list is imported into Capital Coder’s network

2. Assigned to Medical Coders for processing

  • Medical Coders work inside of a software template that helps with processing code to properly sort and classify data. 

  • Their setbacks involved the need for inputting key items and sorting every chase list with similar actions that slowed their progress.

3. Sent to Auditors after coders finish

  • Auditors manage and review chart lists and check for any inaccuracies from coders before sending finished work to clients.

  • Their setbacks resulted from an unfriendly interface that forced them to exit and enter numerous pages to complete and verify tasks.

4. Super Administrators oversee the entire chase lists process

  • Super Admins make necessary changes to promote accuracy and efficiency between auditors and coders.

  • Their setbacks were a result of little to no flexibility when moving between tabs, pages and setting new guidelines for a specific chart list.

5. Chase List sent to client

These are general steps that are important to highlight but we’ll get into more detail when discussing each of the roles listed above.

The new data entry software project required for the ability to import chase lists that contain patient data and related medical charts. The data is virtually sent by health providers into Capital Coder’s network. After importing, the first step is appointing the chase list to a specific Medical Coder.

Answer: Data Entry Software and Automation

Okay, a Medical Coder gets a chase list, now what? In the list provided above, I wrote about some of the setbacks for coders that included repetitive keyboard actions that slowed their work. In the new workflow setup, it imports the thousands of lines of information into a software template, a sort of workspace for the coder.

The new import templates maintain the separation between each column of data (something that’s important when dealing with sizable amounts at one time.) The previous system required the coder to input meticulous information into the fields to classify each chart. Typing items like file names, chart numbers, client owner, the date of completion was all manually inputted by Medical coders for each assignment. That’s a lot, right? 

To speed-up repetitiveness, a new system that includes benefits of automation helps process data with the introduction of new software template designs. These templates are simply custom-built medical coding pages. The new features of templates, or work environments, are enhanced with better processing steps and automation by computers. In fact, they can choose from a variety of templates for their pre-built settings that can speed up tasks depending on the data a chart list may include.

The new virtual environment of templates now leverages macros, which means programming longer tasks into shorter sequenced steps, but with the same output. Also, the addition of hotkeys is also an enhanced feature. Hotkeys are shortcuts on the keyboard that complete a function at the touch of a button.

For example, the hotkey function for the “tab” button creates new rows instantly inside the template. There is also a hotkey for copying data from row-to-row. This is a constant practice that’s used by coders to complete chase lists. We have upgraded many functions that a medical coder uses with hotkey capabilities and this produces faster work in fewer steps.

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Data Entry Software Increases Employee Productivity

Previously, I described the auditor’s role and some of the setbacks in working with a previous user-interface. To solve these issues and speed-up completion of charts, automatic markers and on-page reminders are now more prevalent and easy to manage.

Features that help minimize downtime appear as notifications on the dashboard. Instant updates about new edits, chart completions, or emails with questions show-up on screen for auditors to see and quickly respond to. All from one screen, auditors can check the accuracy of work by verifying codes used within a specific chase list. These codes exist to organize charts and identify data for accuracy within Capital Coders’ network.

Before the new management software, the auditor had to bounce between different tabs to perform some of their daily work. This used to be a constant in-and-out process of leaving pages only to return after repetitive mouse clicks. This is no longer necessary.

And lastly, the Super Administrator’s problems with maneuvering through the tabs and pages were solved. As previously mentioned, their role provides oversight through the entire process of a chase list. They’re granted access to the entire system and are able to manage users, import/export data, view all medical charts, create new clients, create import templates, and view reports of important projects.

Similar to Auditors, the use of the new home screen speeds up their workflow by placing all necessary items and buttons in one central location. The new business automation software design brings everything closer with only a click away.

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Data Entry Software Equals Higher Output and Lower Cost

After our combined efforts, we implemented a new user management system for personnel in all levels of their work process. From the moment recent chart lists are imported, coders have a new virtual workspace that speeds up their work and increases accuracy, while it provides Auditors and Super admins a centralized location to mitigate managerial tasks. 

The new data entry and automation software allows for the capability to import tens-of-thousands of medical charts in only seconds, cuts down work-time in all levels of the company, allows handling of chart lists for the entire life-cycle and finally exports coded medical charts to clients.

We helped Capital Coders create a process management software solution that takes into account details of their workflow to reach a higher output of accurate work so their business can move to the next level. 

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