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Let us help you plan, design, and develop the software you need to succeed. Here are some common project types:

Featured Software Projects

Secure and constant data transfer through API calls used for sending registered test kits and final results to customers.
A case study showing how Endertech helped TrueMarker take advantage of advances in lab testing IT and launch its "at-home" medical testing services.
Safe Refuge
A case study showing how Endertech helped Safe Refuge redesign and redevelop their 20 year old system into a modern web-based database application used daily by dozens of employees.
Image of eLearning screenshot showing a course test and answer reviews.
Web Development
A case study showing how Endertech helped the Civil PE Surveying Review design and develop a custom learning management system, complete with backend management and custom billing system.
Woman in blue denim jacket sitting on green grass field antique.
A case study showing how Endertech helped CSUN redesign and redevelop their CMS and website frontend to support a high volume of content and interactive features that is constantly evolving.
A stylized illustration of different types of devices connected to a cloud that provides many different services.
A case study showing how Endertech helped Conduit Transcriptions speed production of legal transcriptions using speech-to-text software and a custom administrative system.
A screenshot of some backend programming language for software development.
A case study showing how Endertech helped The Metiri Group deliver a computer inventory analysis system that informs the Michigan Department of Education whether they have the IT resources needed to support Common Core.
Web Development
When Bill, the owner of (LFS) approached Endertech, adopting the most appropriate system for his new subscription site was critical. An important element of a functional SaaS website is determining which payment technology to integrate.
Doyle: Auction House
When approaching Endertech, the venerable New York auction house had an established brand with a loyal client base. Their in-house design team stewards Doyle’s visual brand and produces beautiful catalogs and other printed materials. Endertech collaborated with Doyle’s designers and leadership to translate the brand seamlessly from paper to screen.
Screenshot of the California New Business Bureau's software interface.
Workflow Management System. A case how a custom database solution increases productivity, security & safety for large and growing datasets.
Image of laptop with programming code on the screen and Capital Coding Management logo on the side.
A real-life case study for Data Entry Software. The successful results of introducing custom business automation software.
A parked United Oil gas truck with an extra tanker being towed in the back.
Read more to see how we utilized custom business management software and IT infrastructure to maximize efficiency for United Oil.
Picture a fireman with fire gear on and a mask walking in front of a building.
Database and software developers create a system to manage end to end operations for this successful small business.
Image of city hall building with glass windows on the front.
Web Development
Case study for an online searchable database website that focuses on large public data and a custom Stripe subscription payment system.
Image of a group of business people meeting and discussing customer software development.
A case study for developing custom educational software. Organized project management and skillful developers result in satisfied users.
Image of a laptop being used to select Pick My Solar plan options.
The solar panel experience made easy for buyers and installers with software to connect all sides of the workflow.
Why Endertech

Your Software Development Partner

With Endertech as your trusted software development company, you can deliver custom software solutions quickly and correctly.

Bring us your challenges and we'll help you find the opportunities.

We can design and build solutions for any problem, and we love doing it.

Our team is a diverse group of business analysts, designers, developers, cloud engineers, marketers, and managers. We listen, understand, and deliver results.

Using our process born from experience plus best-in-class tools and platforms, you will receive fast custom software development that performs as specified.

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What our clients are saying

Endertech understood our vision and deployed exactly what we needed.
Endertech was honest and straightforward.
We trust that their team will always make the right decisions for us.
I measure success by virtue of the fact that our team uses the software every day.
Lisa Duque
Operations Manager
California New Business Bureau
Stephen Ramey
Today's Patio
Catherine Haight
Managing Member
Ashbury Systems, LLC
Angela Tietze
President & CEO
ECN Media
Your Advantage

A Software Development Company that Guides

Our mission is to understand your business and your goals... then to help you achieve them efficiently.

We can build anything you imagine, but sometimes, we shouldn’t. We choose to help you conserve time and money when it’s the smart thing to do.

We honor your ideas while keeping a healthy dose of business realism mixed in... because ideas should be tested... and sometimes what you think you need isn’t what you, or your users, actually need.

We're more than software developers – we’re your trusted business partners.

And we're here to share our expertise beyond building software, helping you think deeply about your choices, avoid common pitfalls, and efficiently manage your capital.

Our Approach

Flexible Software for Flexible Development

Planning is key. Your software needs to serve you now, and evolve with you into the future, without major refactor.

Often, software developers want clients to adjust their business to fit into off-the-shelf systems. While for very common use-cases this can be a fine approach, a savvy developer will identify the details of your business that fit, and those that don't.

At Endertech, we offer flexibility and options tailored to your business' details. We can do off-the-shelf, we can do pure-custom, and we can do things in-between. The trick is to know how to tow that line, and software system planning is the key.

We listen, understand, research, analyze, consult, design, and document... then build solutions that fit your operational needs and budgeting constraints.

So what do you need?

Are you looking for developers to help with software maintenance? Perhaps you want the best software development company in Los Angeles to help build a custom system? Maybe you’re just getting started on your search for a software developer and don’t know what to ask? Or did you have a unfortunate collaboration and now are hunting for a top software development partner to do it right?

Whatever your situation, we can help. Whether you’re starting from nothing, starting from a mess, or growing from a great spot... we can take up the reins and continue the ride with you.

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What is something our clients love about us?

We may tell them “no”! Sometimes our clients need to hear about alternative ideas and approaches, and we're not shy with our thoughts.

Maybe you want to add some cool sounding features to an otherwise functional app – but you’ve never tested to identify and analyze real user behaviors. Maybe you’re not totally sure about what features to add, but you’d rather invest in too much, rather than too little. Maybe you’ve got an idea about how something should work, but just frankly, the technology doesn’t really work that way.

We are not here to just bill you for writing code that doesn't work or no one will use. That is not satisfying for anyone. We are here to help you make wise choices, and then apply our skills to help you achieve your goals.

So, if we raise an eyebrow, appear skeptical, and suggest alternatives during our consultations, don't hold it against us! If you feel strongly about your position, well that's fine, stay strong... we'll present our point of view... we'll discuss... and in the end, you're the boss.

What's Next

Understanding Your Vision

We must learn about each other before providing budgets and timelines.
  • We're sure you have questions about process and budgets and timeline.

  • You may be wondering if Endertech can handle software development on the scale that you need.

  • You might like to know about our team and who will work on your project.

  • You could be interested in how quickly we can get started.

  • We certainly want to know who you are, what your business is about, and what goals you have for your project.

  • So contact us!

Once we receive your message, one of our team members will get back to you via your preferred method by the next business day. For quicker answers, call 310.400.0800 during normal business hours.

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