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Shopify Hydrogen for Headless E-Commerce

Endertech recently developed a high-performing headless commerce solution built with Shopify Hydrogen, and I have to say, the project was a pleasure, and the result was fantastic. Check the speed and quality of the new site here!

What is Shopify Hydrogen?

Shopify Hydrogen is a ReactJS based framework for building a headless commerce solution that utilizes the Shopify GraphQL API.

As a Shopify Hydrogen developer you can also integrate other 3rd party APIs, such as may be provided by your ERP, your CRM, and your digital marketing partners.

The result is a headless solution that elegantly blends many services into one unified design and UX, rather than the mishmash that often results from sites that get loaded up with tons of apps not specifically developed to work together.

What is Headless Commerce?

Headless commerce is the notion that you don’t have to develop your e-commerce solution using the standard built-in themes and off-the-shelf apps of whatever platform you choose.

Instead, you can develop a unique and highly tailored experience for your customers using your web development framework of choice, and a set of headless e-commerce APIs provided by platforms which support headless commerce, such as Shopify Hydrogen.

How can a Headless Solution Benefit my Business?

Flexibility: You gain maximum flexibility to develop an optimal user experience for your customers.

Elegance: You can elegantly incorporate 3rd party features and services from marketing partners and back office systems.

Speed: Unmatched speed and performance scores that directly affect your search engine rank.

What are the Drawbacks of a Headless Solution?

Cost: Developing sites this way is an advanced technique that requires the services of highly skilled and experienced developers comfortable ReactJS development.

Time: Developing sites this way may take longer than building a site using standard themes and off-the-shelf apps.

How Do I Find a Shopify Hydrogen Developer?

You’ve found one already!  Contact us here at Endertech!

Our process will take you through various steps from planning & design, to implementation & testing, to launch & support. Initial consultations are always free and we’ll connect you quickly with an experienced and friendly developer to answer your questions and help you build a vision for your project.