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A proper e-commerce business is more than just what your customers see. Develop a fully integrated marketing, sales, and back office system with Endertech.

With two decades of experience building e-commerce applications, we understand that your successful e-commerce business needs to integrate across many aspects of your organization.

Yes, like most agencies, we have the frontend down with beautiful, functional design on top of the most modern platforms, frontend technologies, and marketing techniques.

Yet unlike most agencies, we have the backend down too. With many years experience working with various logistics systems, and custom software developers at our disposal, we can integrate any back office system you utilize.

We can help you organize your data, transform it, and transport it from one platform to another, to help with merchandising, inventory management, order management, and of course marketing.


E-commerce Development Project Types

Featured E-commerce Projects

Image of woman putting on ISC sunscreen product under the sun with a smile.
A case study describing how Endertech continues to develop and maintain a massive Magento website that serves domestic and international customers and distributors with diverse and complex e-commerce needs.
Picture of an outdoor flower garden of pink flowers.
Learn the details behind Monrovia's Magento 2 ERP integration. A case study how a Magento Migration with ERP capability worked perfectly.
Secure and constant data transfer through API calls used for sending registered test kits and final results to customers.
A case study showing how Endertech helped TrueMarker take advantage of advances in lab testing IT and launch its "at-home" medical testing services.
SFH | Magento 1 to Shopify Plus Migration
Here, we’ll look at a successful ecommerce migration. Specifically, a Magento to Shopify migration. For this project, maintaining the existing backend accounting technology was a high priority, but overall, it was a project centered around data migration and unique Shopify app integrations that added value.
Image of a modern outdoor living space with a sofa and lounge chair.
A case that shows the benefits of an ERP Shopify Middleware using Storis to speed up business operations. eCommerce software integration.
Natural Curiosities
A Magento eCommerce site design that delivers an immersive art studio experience with a manageable backend ready for fast updates, product management and retail marketing.
HoneyBee Health
A case study show how a subscription-based ecommerce site development for an online health retailer resulted in rapid company growth.
Image of a Clear Start spray bottle with skincare formula inside.
A case study for reaching a Minimum Viable Product, while maintaining a Custom Shopify Design Configuration and saving time and money.
Magento and Drupal development for a custom content website with an eCommerce personality for a health and wellness lifestyle brand.
Golden Tote
A case study focusing on utilizing Magento's customization capabilities for a brand's expansion into eCommerce.
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Your Advantage

An E-commerce Development Company with Backbone

When you hire Endertech, you getting more than frontend, you're getting an organization capable of supporting you end to end.

Don't discount the value of having capable backend developers on your team.

Many agencies will pay little homage to the "backend", selling you on the pretty pictures of the frontend. They'll tell you that the backend is "easy"... and they may not even mention the important of data structure and consistency.

Well, it's only easy because they haven't thought much about it yet... and that thought work is actually hard work.

At Endertech, we know that the quality of your e-commerce website begins with the quality of your catalog data and its structure. The systems you have to manage that data, and the data design itself directly impact your customers' frontend UX.

And what's more... the quality of your catalog data often also has a lot to do with how efficiently you can fulfill orders once your business grows in scale.

Go with a company that understands the picture of your e-commerce system end to end, not just frontend. Go with Endertech.

Our Approach

Understanding: Your Catalog, Your Customers, Your Back Office

Our planning and design process is thorough and guarantees you a final product that meets everyone's expectations.

Planning Phase

When you engage Endertech, our first step will be to lead you through a Planning & Design Phase. During this phase we will consult, research, analyze, and advise... all with the purpose of developing clarity across the project team for how your site should look and operate.

That clarity is achieved by producing visualizations and technical documentation.

The visualizations are in the forms of wire-frames, flow charts, and full page compositions that show everyone involved what the final product is supposed to look like and how data is intended to flow for any custom plumbing.

The technical documentation is a detailed backlog recorded in Jira that identifies, task by task, each bit of work that the development team must execute to bring the system to life. We estimate each task breaking them down into no more than 2 - 3 days of work. Then we prioritize and group each task by feature. It is this detailed work that forms the basis of our Development Phase estimates.

Development Phase

With the visualizations and documentation complete, we then transition to development using a modified Agile approach, with two-week sprints.

We meet with you in between sprints to show you the progress, talk about what's coming next, and coordinate if there is any new information. We test incrementally all along the way then rinse and repeat this process until the project has evolved to its V1 complete state.

Launch & Support

After everyone's had their chance to kick the tires, we coordinate launch with you and then remain available for support.

Common support services include:

  • Server Management

  • Continuing Development

  • Digital Marketing Support

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Clients Love

What is something our clients love about us?

We listen generously, understand deeply, and then provide a menu of possible solutions so that our clients can choose what fits them best.

There are many solutions to almost any problem, and it may take an experienced e-commerce expert to help you see the forest from the trees.

Our clients love that we listen carefully and then help them see and learn about various possible solutions to their problems. We provide solutions for various budgets and explain the pros & cons, the cost benefit tradeoffs of these options.

This helps our clients make informed decisions that best fit their needs of the moment while understanding how their future path may be affected.

What's Next

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  • We're sure you have questions about process and budgets and timeline.

  • You may be wondering if Endertech can handle developing an e-commerce website on the scale that you need.

  • You might like to know about our team and who will work on your project.

  • You could be interested in how quickly we can get started.

  • We certainly want to know who you are, what your business is about, and what goals you have for your project.

  • So contact us!

Once we receive your message, one of our team members will get back to you via your preferred method by the next business day. For quicker answers, call 310.400.0800 during normal business hours.

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