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Design. Catalog. Marketing. Fulfillment. Integration.

Endertech can help you end to end with everything from designing a simple Shopify store to developing complex omni-channel Shopify apps.

Featured Shopify Projects

A happy family sitting on a bed in a stylishly decorated bedroom.
A case study showing how Endertech continues to help Mattress Warehouse develop their omnichannel strategy with innovative use of headless e-commerce technology on top of Shopify. Website & and in-store tablet app combine to capture customers and keep them coming back.
Image of a modern outdoor living space with a sofa and lounge chair.
A case that shows the benefits of an ERP Shopify Middleware using Storis to speed up business operations. eCommerce software integration.
Secure and constant data transfer through API calls used for sending registered test kits and final results to customers.
A case study showing how Endertech helped TrueMarker take advantage of advances in lab testing IT and launch its "at-home" medical testing services.
SFH | Magento 1 to Shopify Plus Migration
Here, we’ll look at a successful ecommerce migration. Specifically, a Magento to Shopify migration. For this project, maintaining the existing backend accounting technology was a high priority, but overall, it was a project centered around data migration and unique Shopify app integrations that added value.
Image of a Clear Start spray bottle with skincare formula inside.
A case study for reaching a Minimum Viable Product, while maintaining a Custom Shopify Design Configuration and saving time and money.
Image of modern apartment dinning room with an 8 chair seating table.
A large scale eCommerce automation example where Shopify and ERP software are customized to increase productivity for everyday tasks.

Shopify Project Types

Examples of Shopify projects that we commonly undertake.
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A Complete Shopify Partner Agency

Shopify makes a lot of things easy, but when you want to go beyond the basics, you still need an experienced partner.

The fact that Shopify makes so many things easy lets a lot of organizations get started quickly and cheaply.

This is great to bootstrap a startup or test a business idea. However, if your business grows, you may soon find yourself outgrowing your setup.

It's not that Shopify can't handle your situation, it's that sometimes, less experienced developers don't properly organize critical features of Shopify with the future in mind.

Maybe you want to add in-store pickup, but your inventory isn't quite working as expected. Maybe your catalog has grown, but search and filtering is not as capable as you had expected. Maybe you've develop a back office system to help your warehouse be more efficient, and now you need to integrate order processing.

These are examples of situations we've encountered before, and these are examples where our experience as both Shopify developers and custom software developers really shines through.

We've spent countless hours consulting and discussing with clients about their business and logistical requirements, and then designing software solutions to achieve them.

So if you find yourself somehow painted into a corner with your Shopify site, or, you just know you want your new site built with the future in mind right from the start, contact Endertech.

Our Approach

Shopify Site Development Process

Proper Shopify development begins with planning and proceeds methodically through an agile process of design and development.

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