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Tailored Fit

Tailoring Web Applications to Your Business

Endertech develops custom web applications that fit unique business requirements. Instead of having to adapt your processes to accommodate off-the-shelf software, you can enlist us to build a custom solution thats align with your business’s existing workflows. We can provide a quality custom web app that both meets your current needs and provides a solid technical foundation upon which to build additional functionality as your requirements evolve.

What is a custom web application?

A web application is software which its users access through a browser, like a website, but which behaves like a native application. Unlike a simple website, it provides advanced features that support various business needs, such as:

  • eCommerce – Web apps can enable eCommerce features like shopping cart, payment verification, and inventory management.

  • CRM Software – A custom CRM web app can include features such as customer engagement, sales tracking, and marketing campaigns.

  • Social Media – Scrolling, feed personalization, and user engagement are common social media web app features.

  • Productivity Tools – With a web app, you can easily manage projects, share documents, and collaborate with team members.

  • eLearning – A custom eLearning web app allows trainers to publish courses and assess learners effectively.

Benefits of Custom

5 Reasons to Build Custom Web Apps

Businesses turn to custom web apps for consumer-facing solutions, internal process management, secure log-in portals and other reasons.

  • No installation is required. Web apps are independent of operating systems. They run on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers from their web browsers.

  • Better security. Instead of approaching security in general, we consider the unique security needs of each business when developing custom web apps.

  • Web apps are scalable – both horizontally and vertically. You can increase computing capabilities as your users grow or add new features for emerging business needs.

  • Cost-saving. Instead of developing different codebases for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and other operating systems, we build once and deploy on all devices.

  • Streamline operations easily. Companies use web apps to automate repetitive processes instead of putting together multiple off-the-shelf apps.

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Business Apps

Custom Web Apps In A Connected Business Space

Digitalization has shifted most businesses to the cloud, with many apps trying to fill your different business needs. We help companies match their growth strategies with data security, user engagement, scalability, and integration by offering a unified, cost-effective solution.

Endertech spares your team from tediously learning how different apps can exchange data safely and reliably—and from being locked up with specific vendors. We put control back into your hands by providing custom web development fitted to your exact needs.

With your vision and our expertise, we deliver a bespoke solution that connects your business to an expanding digital space.

Thorough Dev

Effortless web app development with Endertech

Just as every business is different, so is every custom web app. We leverage our software development expertise to match business logic with the appropriate technology. With decades of experience, our team of developers, designers, and project managers guides you through the discovery stage, where we listen to your needs, concerns, goals, and priorities before setting key development milestones.

Our team leaves no stone unturned as we go through the features, user experience, security and technical considerations, and other aspects that make a great custom web app. Moreover, we provide ongoing post-deployment support to ensure your team’s questions and continued needs are always addressed.

Featured Custom Web App Projects

Image of laptop with programming code on the screen and Capital Coding Management logo on the side.
A real-life case study for Data Entry Software. The successful results of introducing custom business automation software.
Image of a group of business people meeting and discussing customer software development.
A case study for developing custom educational software. Organized project management and skillful developers result in satisfied users.
Screenshot of the California New Business Bureau's software interface.
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A case study for custom learning management system development for a startup. An ecommerce web app designed for robust content distribution.
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A case study showing how Endertech helped Conduit Transcriptions speed production of legal transcriptions using speech-to-text software and a custom administrative system.
Animated image showing a group of people gifting money as a form of crowdfunding into a box.
Web Development
A case study demonstrating how Endertech developed a customized crowdfunding platform to suit Crimso's unique vision.
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What our clients are saying

Endertech understood our vision and deployed exactly what we needed.
Endertech was honest and straightforward.
We trust that their team will always make the right decisions for us.
I measure success by virtue of the fact that our team uses the software every day.
Lisa Duque
Operations Manager
California New Business Bureau
Stephen Ramey
Today's Patio
Catherine Haight
Managing Member
Ashbury Systems, LLC
Angela Tietze
President & CEO
ECN Media

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