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Doyle: Auction House
When approaching Endertech, the venerable New York auction house had an established brand with a loyal client base. Their in-house design team stewards Doyle’s visual brand and produces beautiful catalogs and other printed materials. Endertech collaborated with Doyle’s designers and leadership to translate the brand seamlessly from paper to screen.
Secure and constant data transfer through API calls used for sending registered test kits and final results to customers.
True Marker
A case study showing how Endertech helped TrueMarker take advantage of advances in lab testing IT and launch its "at-home" medical testing services.
Woman in blue denim jacket sitting on green grass field antique.
California State University, Northridge
A case study showing how Endertech helped CSUN redesign and redevelop their CMS and website frontend to support a high volume of content and interactive features that is constantly evolving.
Image of a Clear Start spray bottle with skincare formula inside.
Clear Start
A case study for reaching a Minimum Viable Product, while maintaining a Custom Shopify Design Configuration and saving time and money.
Landing page example of motion sensor product.
A case study about custom UX design to positively affect conversion rates within landing pages. Custom UX web design takes center focus.
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Our Advantage

Design & Build One-Stop Shop

Being both a design and development company allows us to seamlessly integrate the two workflows.

Many agencies focus just on design, or just on development. We do both, and it gives us an advantage that benefits our projects and clients. Our dual focus enables streamlined collaboration and communication between the designers and the developers of your digital product throughout the project lifecycle.

A close working relationship between our designers and developers means they can align their understanding and goals and work more efficiently together. The developers can inform the design of a product by relaying technical considerations to the designers and, likewise, the designers can effectively articulate the details and requirements of the design to the developers. We ensure that nothing gets lost in translation or falls through the cracks from design to development.

Our Approach to Design

Form Follows Function

We revel in the endless creative possibilities of web technology, but also believe that good design supports functionality and usability.

As designers, we employ many of the same tools and principles as fine artists. However, whereas art can exist solely for self-expression and aesthetic appreciation, design by nature serves a practical purpose and is bound by utility. Good design solves problems and fulfills specific objectives. Therefore, we design digital products that are not only visually attractive but that also support the product’s function by providing an engaging and seamless user experience. We craft the visual elements of a digital product in a way that enables satisfying and productive user interactions. An interface that is thoughtfully organized and only as complex as it needs to be will naturally be visually appealing.

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